As someone once said, it’s déjà-vu all over again.

And such a coordinated campaign of hatred toward people who have been targeted for more than more than two thousand now. Why? Because of greed for what they possess, the everlasting need of fearful humans to target the ‘other’, Catholic go-to scape goats, whipping boys of militarized idiots, despisers of intellectual achievement - shall I continue? No? Then I’ll just end the causes (because there is no ‘reason’ involved) as a handy target for political sociopaths distracting and pointing their intensely stupid mobs at. It’s a virus of hate.

But guess what, we won’t let it happen again. To all who have villainized what is a legitimate armed response to hideously depraved armed and gleeful murderers of people of all ages for the crime of their religion, Fuck off.

That’s my Ted talk. Thanks.

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Thank you so much, Steven, for taking the challenge and keeping focused on how the past connects to the present.

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Again, I refer you to Tikva Online Academy, a free series of lectures by professors and historians designed for high school students, but open to all those interested in deepening their understanding of Jewish values and history.

Today we are watching a resurgence of religious hatred and intolerance. It is important that the battle for our attention be fed, not with weapons that kill and harm, but with knowledge and ideas.

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From what I have heard from the Jews the Jews do not run Israel. The Zionists do.

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Before I finish reading this, I am posting it on faith.

I fear it is too long for most viewers to read in total, but it's worth a try.

Most of my readers are from Substack, but I'll post it on my FB page.

I've already recommended you on my Substack profile.

I'll read it later tonight after the Republican debates.

It's safe to watch since the future felon-in-chief is otherwise detained

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