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The behind the scene’s skullduggery in Washington, as well as an ex- President still holding sway despite three years elapsing since his defeat against Biden, is bewildering for those of us that don’t live in the states.

We get the headlines of the more sensational goings on, and then have to navigate the minefield that is the news channels and papers, in trying to make sense of events. Stations and papers are biased in such an extreme way, we have to seek out writers such as yourself, in trying to discern an understanding of the shenanigans. And just as you are getting a semblance of a handle on the political landscape, events are overtaken by yet another political crisis, or storylines concerning ex Trump aides admitting to lying to congress ( which I understood meant a 5 year stretch in the slammer, yet no one is in handcuffs ) to Trump being convicted of sexual assault charges in a civil court to another mental utterance from that New York City mayor. It’s almost impossible to keep up!!

That’s from the outside looking in, of course. We Irish have a fascination with all things American. We grew up watching your tv shows. We thought every one lived like the Brady bunch. Once I visited, my Sesame Street tinged view of the US was shattered forever.

And that was just the east coast. Once I got to Vegas I saw the real face of corporate America.

33 trillion in debt, and the menace of Trump hanging over you, and us, by proxy. Please don’t let the world down and make dam sure he does not get back. Look at what he is doing without being in office! He belongs in a cell.possibly a padded one.

Great stack.

Many thanks.👏✍️

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