May we never forget these tribunals which undertook the overwhelming task of lawfully putting to bed evil incarnate.

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It’s painful to contemplate the parallels you have drawn between the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany and the Trump takeover of the Republican Party in the United States. Both countries were at the cusp of world dominance and outsized influence. Germany was well respected in intellectual and artistic excellence and the United States, a respected world power that was considered a haven for migrants seeking a better life.

The photograph you post of Speaker Johnson and his young son is reminiscent of Hitler’s embrace of the youth. To think these were to become the henchmen in the destruction of so many minorities, in a calculated effort to create “the master race.”

Truly we are at a crossroads! Would that we awaken to the reality that we are poised to have foisted upon us and come to grips with the enormity of our challenge.

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