Profoundly moving.

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Don’t know how l missed your exhaustive first person account of life and living death as a survivor of the military. But now that the hostage release is underway in Israel, l can begin to breathe a sigh of relief, at least until the final impact resumes its grim tally.

There is a deep divide between the idea of “serving your country”, and the debilitating effects of actually sacrificing your peace of mind, if not your life and limb.

I’m gratified that you have found your way to Substack through the posts of Lucian. His place in history is well defined and his willingness to explore and expose his own disappointments is exemplary. This Substack platform provides for multi/layered conversations to expand the playing field, opening connections between the participants. Here we engage in discourse and revive our own search for a way to articulate the inescapable malaise that is keeping us up at night.

Your work deserves to be studied, not just perused. The consolation for this reader is your courageous approach to history and your willingness to share, even the most difficult challenges, with a clarity that is invigorating.

The pity is that it is not widely known, but; it is ongoing and this makes it all the more vital!

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